Confirmed here as well.  We've been using version 1.2.1-4 from F11
sources built for CentOS5/RHEL5 for some time now.  I followed the
following write-up:

along with ipa-1.2.1 (from base F11), as the howtoforge writeup points
which only includes ipa-1.0.0. I have not tried to update to

Once we got everything up and running, updates from fedora-ds to 389-ds
seemed not to cause any issues and ipa was confirmed to work fine.


Rob Crittenden wrote:
> Steven Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible to install a ipafree v2 client on RHELu5 64bit?
>> I cannot find anything via Google that indicates this is so or how to
>> do it.
>> If so what's the repo config pls?
>> If not will the ver1 of freeipa work and if so what is the repo?
>> The client documentation simply says its possible....yet nothing on
>> google indicates how or if this is actually the case...
> There is not currently a v2 client for RHEL 5 (or anything other than
> Fedora, really).
> You might find a v1 client for RHEL 5 in a centos repo, or you can pull
> the rheipa srpms from to build a v1.x client.
> Another user recently confirmed that a v1 client works with a v2 server
> but it will configure nss_ldap/pam_ldap and not sssd. You also don't get
> automatic host enrollment like you do with a v2 client. The current
> authconfig that ships with RHEL 5 doesn't support sssd at all though
> manually configuring it isn't terribly difficult.
> Beware when it comes to the current v2 documentation, it is in a
> dangerous quasi-state right now. Much of it has been copied from v1 and
> it is being slowly updated but it is far from complete right now.
> rob
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