Dmitri Pal wrote:
Kambiz Aghaiepour wrote:
Dmitri Pal wrote:
Kambiz Aghaiepour wrote:
Currently running ipa-server-1.2.1-4 with fedora-ds-base-1.1.3-6.  I
attempted to upgrade to 389-ds-base- (and supporting packages)
and the procedure took an extremely long time (at least 2 hours).  There
appears to be an upgrade script that runs as part of %posttrans which runs:

/usr/sbin/ -l /dev/null -u -s General.UpdateMode=offline >
/dev/null 2>&1

I don't have the error logs unfortunately, as when I reverted the ESX
VM, I forgot to save off the log files, but what I recall was that there
were messages indicating that there were multiple passes (each took
about 4-5 minutes) and each time the rate of update dropped below a
certain amount, the update would move on to the next "pass".  There were
about 25 passes through before the upgrade completed.  Mind you, this
installation is rather small IMO, as there are only 130-ish entries
under cn=users,cn=accounts.  The other thing that I noticed after the
upgrade procedure was that not all the users were defined in the
directory (most appeared to be there, but some critical users were
missing).  Suffices to say that many of our processes were broken after
the upgrade and 4 hours into the planned upgrade, I ended up backing
out.   (This same upgrade had been tested on a smaller directory and the
upgrade seemed to go without incident).

I'm wondering if there might be an easier way for me to go about
upgrading the installation.  For example, could I, instead of going
through the "upgrade", instead, re-install a replacement 389-ds based
ipa-server host, create a new winsync agreement with my AD environment,
and then export the password data for the users in DS from the current
fedora-ds-base-1.1.3 and import it into the directory running
389-ds-base ?  If this is do-able, what all do I need to copy from the
fedora-ds-base host to the 389-ds-base host?
What is your final goal and why are you trying to do the upgrade of the
DS under IPA?
Ah.  Ok, the goal is to be able to instantiate additional replicas.
However, when I try, I get:

[13/Oct/2010:10:04:24 -0400] - import userRoot: Import failed.
[13/Oct/2010:10:04:24 -0400] - process_bulk_import_op: NULL backend

I am told this could be fixed with 389-ds-base, though I cannot be certain.

If I can resolve the issue of creating additional replicas, there would
not necessarily be a compelling reason for me to update to 389-ds-base,
and I would happily stay running fedora-ds-base-1.1.3


Rich, Rob

Is this a known issue with creating replicas using IPA 1.2.x?
This happened intermittently with some 389 releases. We think it has been fixed in 389-ds-base- but we need more testing.
Replica creation worked in v1.2 AFAIR.


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