On 03/10/2011 05:37 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
> I have run the in-install script and it wont delete the client in the
ipa system, so again I had to delete it via the web gui....I will try
> A release candidate?
> I dont see how....for me a release candidate should pretty much work
with the odd bug in an "odd" area....this is still like alpha....major
functionality failure, as personally I class being unable to do the very
first thing you need to do as a major failure.....
> regards


Sorry but it looks like you are doing something wrong over and over
again or there is something mis-configured in your environment.
We are executing tests every day with new and old machines bare metal
and VMs.
And everything works so there is definitely something specific to your
environment which is different.
May be it is DNS or NTP or something like. We do not know. May be it is
a bug that we do not hit because we do not run things in the sequence
you run or with configuration you use.

You write a lot of mails to us but few contain any substantial
information about your setup.
To troubleshoot we need logs.
There are all sorts of logs and configuration files on the server and on
the client.
You do not include them in your emails.
How do you think we can troubleshoot the problems?

If you want us to help please include more detailed information.
I am really sorry that you are experiencing the issues and spending that
much time but I do not see a way to help you since we do not have
sufficient information to do the troubleshooting.

We will be happy to help you as soon as you provide such information.

Thank you,

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