Is there a requirement for the same version of client as the server. I've
just install freeipa server version 2.0 rc3. While on the client side, I
have a previously installed client version 2.0 beta1. It would not join the
realm. I had run the client install script to remove the client from the
another 2.0 beta1 server.
But when I try to run against the new server, to join the server version 2.0
rc3 realm, the discovery goes on smoothly after which I get the following

Continue to configure the system with these values? [no]: yes

Joining realm failed: Operation failed! unsupported extended operation
child exited with 9
Certificate subject base is: o=uzdomainco

The client's kerberos keytab is not update and non of the config files are
However when you use the command ipa host-find on the server the host is

Any ideas what the issue would be?


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