Uzor Ide wrote:

Is there a requirement for the same version of client as the server.
I've just install freeipa server version 2.0 rc3. While on the client
side, I have a previously installed client version 2.0 beta1. It would
not join the realm. I had run the client install script to remove the
client from the another 2.0 beta1 server.
But when I try to run against the new server, to join the server version
2.0 rc3 realm, the discovery goes on smoothly after which I get the

Continue to configure the system with these values? [no]: yes

Joining realm failed: Operation failed! unsupported extended operation
child exited with 9
Certificate subject base is: o=uzdomainco

The client's kerberos keytab is not update and non of the config files
are update.
However when you use the command ipa host-find on the server the host is

Any ideas what the issue would be?



A change was made in 2.0rc2 in the release that made pre rc2 clients unable to join rc2 and beyond servers. We changed the LDAP extended operation OID used for doing online enrollment and retrieving keytabs which is why the older clients now fail (we had inadvertently used them in more than one place).

You should be able to just upgrade the client rpm and enrollment will work.


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