What I see as one of the selling points of IPA over any "*nix client for
Active Directory", is the ability to use the operating system built in

Indeed.....what makes my nether regions churn is installing something from 
likewise or Quest which does nasties to the guts of RHEL/linux and then Red Hat 
wont/cant support it not to mention the crazy cost.....indeed even if I have a 
connection to AD, MS wont support it either, our Windows admins wont/cant and 
are in fact dangerous anywhere near Linux......but of course our MS biased 
architect loves it because its a MS solution, and on the other side our 
bsd/linux ppl want a single password functionality (AD<-->unix) they dont care 
if its supportable just as long as their lives are easy and they have someone 
to beat when it breaks....I'm determined it wont be me....getting a bit sick of 
that, hence something like IPA fits so well...if the password sync breaks 
everything else should carry on.....its one single point to fault find on, and 
i have one vendor not 3 and some of 5000 odd intermediate faults that there is 
no time to work on as there is just me.....


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