Thanks again!
No! it allows auto mount that pre created home folder ONLY  to the NFS server. 
For e.g if I have /xtra/home/nasir alread created, then it automatically mounts 
 while login to NFS server ( ssh -l nasir NFS_SERVER ). But when I try to login 
as the same user to some other machine ( ssh -l nasir ANY_IPA_MACHINE) it gives 
the following error,
[root@openipa ~]# ssh -l nasir -Xnasir@'s 
password: Creating home directory for nasir.Last login: Tue May 17 04:06:43 
2011 from openipa.cohort.orgCould not chdir to home directory /home/nasir: No 
such file or directory-sh-4.1$ ls
So it is not working right ? Hope it is clear to you now.
Thanks and regards,Nidal

If I manually create one home folder( e.g /xtra/home/abc
                ) under than, then I can mount it, but nothing can be
                written to it by the user as it gives permission denied

    Yes, but it should allow the root user to create and chown the
    directory, so the autocreation of home dirs should work.



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