Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 06/08/2011 04:04 PM, Steven Jones wrote:

Can you fix 5.6 so it runs the ipa-client-install script the same way then 
please? because running the same command giving differing results seems 
strange....unless you are telling me its simply the way rhel5.6 will work?

Well the problem is that SSSD is not in 5.6 by default. ipa-client on
5.6 configures LDAP+Kerberos. In fedora there is SSSD and it is
configured. In 5.7 there will be a new ipa-client that will act in the
same way as in RHEL 6 or Fedora.

But the expectation is that they should act in the same way now. But
apparently there is some difference.

We need to understand exactly what is your use case.
What is configured in your nsswitch and pam config on RHEL and Fedora?
And if in one case it is SSSD and not in the other we need to see SSSD
configuration and LDAP and Kerberos configuration files.

And also what service you're logging in on, whether you got a TGT before using that service (if applicable), if this is a brand-new user (e.g. password never been used), etc.


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