Muhammad Naufal wrote:
Thanks rob, yes the config krbrealm.con is exist.

I didn't use proxy for freeipa connection. I bypass proxy server for
local addresses via ie internet options.
But the mit kerberos installation still failed. *HTTP/1.0 504 Gateway

Can you check the Apache access log on the IPA server to see if is is throwing the 504?


Has anyone tried win xp as an ipa client?

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 10:24 PM, Rob Crittenden <
<>> wrote:

    Muhammad Naufal wrote:

        *I have read the documentation here

        But i'm stuck in instruction number 5.

        *5. *Select *Download from web path*, and enter the following URL:
        http://<your FreeIPA server's fully-qualified domain

        I've got error when downloading the config it says: *Download failed
        HTTP/1.0 504 Gateway Time-out*
        Then i go to my freeipa server config url
        <http://freeipa.local/ipa/config/> and it say *Forbidden. You
        don't have
        permission to access /ipa/config/ on this server.*
        How to install MIT Kerberos in microsoft windows xp correctly? How
        should my configuration on the freeipa server?

        Thanks for any assistance provided. again.

    Are you using a proxy server? I wonder if the proxy can get to the
    IPA installation.

    Directory indexing is disabled on the directory so you can't browse
    the files. You can confirm they exist by trying:



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