Hello Nasir,

I checked the backtrace and this is a bug in the bind-dyndb-ldap plugin.

I wasn't able to reproduce your crash but I think the workaround is to
limit "connections" argument to 1 (note this is number of connections
from bind-dyndb-ldap to LDAP server, not number of clients that named
can handle simultaneously). You can simply open your named.conf, search
the "dynamic-db {}" statement and add (or modify) following line:

arg "connections 1";

Would it be possible to send me your named log messages before named
crashes, please? Thank you in advance.

Regards, Adam

On 07/25/2011 06:04 PM, nasir nasir wrote:
> Rob,
> Thanks again! I installed the debuginfo package for bind and the named 
> crashed after a few minutes and gave a core dump file . But this time abrt is 
> not listing any crash(for previous crashes it was listing). I generated a 
> stacktrace from the core file using gdb. But I had not installed debuginfo 
> for bind-dyndb-ldap package. Now I have installed debuginfo package for 
> bind-dyndb-ldap package too. Please find the attached stack trace along with 
> this.
> I can afford to reboot/test the server today for a few hours from now. Please 
> let me know anything that can be done to help you to fix this. It is really 
> causing a big issue as the entire IPA becomes useless and people cannot login 
> to their system at all or do anything because of this.
> Regards,
> Nidal

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