VMWare snapshot?

VMWare snapshots are best described as spawn of the devil, they should have a 
life of 2 or 3 days max....

One of my next Qs was what else needs backing up....however I assumed that 
everything else outside the database is simple to back up.....its just "files"

or is this not the case?

Yes I will have replicas.....at least one in DR.....maybe a second 
elsewhere.....I need to do a design document that lays this out.


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>> Backing up
>> I cant find anything in the documentation discussing backing up and 
>> recovering IPA/ldap?....in the past I seem to recall the FDS/389 suggested 
>> exporting the data which was then backed up.....I think there was a gui to 
>> do that....
>> So even if its a case of now its easy just backup /var/lib/dirsrv and 
>> nothing more is needed, it should say so IMHO.
>> Restoring
>> Is there a restore process?  so with FDS/389 you would import the exported 
>> file.
>> regards
> Why not just create a replica? Saves you the restore part at least..

We have discussed the a backup strategies in the past several times.
Replicas a definitely viable. If there is a data corruption there are
ways to deal with it though it is extremely rare situation.

The problem is that saving just database is not enough. There are certs,
keys, config files, NSS database etc. that needs to be backed too. As
IPA is trying to hide all this complexity on one side and is changing as
we develop new functionality on the other we thought that for cases like
yours it might make sense to save a snapshot of the machine image rather
than only backup the content of the LDAP.


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