On 10/02/2011 04:11 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> "save a copy of the disk image"
> When you have 500 servers and the average is 90gb that's a bit of a space 
> problem to copy multiple images of.....but VMWare can clone live.....you dont 
> have to switch off. Also for management purposes you want one way to back 
> everything up or you cant scale your backup system/capability.....
> Snapshots are really like db logs its not something you leave for long 
> because of the disk space impacts and disk i/o impacts, you also cant live 
> migrate VMs while a snapshot is in place....I'd be surprised in LVM is more 
> effective/efficient than VMWare in this respect.....
> If the backupdb.pl gives me a sane export into a flat file that is 
> fine....many dbs are done that way anyway, its very unlikely it will ever be 
> needed.

Number of servers is orthogonal to the goal in this scenario. You need
to backup one or couple IPA replicas. You do not need to back up all IPA
replicas and clients. This should not be a big impact on your storage
You are welcome to try to create a backup script for IPA but we decided
to back away from this effort as it is a much bigger effort that might
seem on the surface.

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> On Thu, 2011-09-29 at 22:58 +0000, Steven Jones wrote:
>> VM?
>> VMWare snapshot?
>> VMWare snapshots are best described as spawn of the devil, they should
>> have a life of 2 or 3 days max....
> I use KVM so I can't tell how good/bad VMWare fares in this regard, but
> I didn't mean VM snapshot, sorry if I was unclear.
> I literally meant you turn off the VM and save a copy of the disk image.
> It may not be the most efficient way of course, and you can also simply
> use normal backup software with disaster recovery functionality.
> As long as it is able to properly deal with dirsrv database it should be
> fine.
>> One of my next Qs was what else needs backing up....however I assumed
>> that everything else outside the database is simple to back up.....its
>> just "files"
>> or is this not the case?
> Everything but dirsrv databases is just files, that is correct.
> Simo.
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