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> Just as a pointer here - It would be good if there was ubiquitous
> support amongst the browsers.  I understand the whole concept behind
> "we test what we ship with", but we're no longer talking about huge
> differences between browsers these days.  Would it be possible to look

Unfortunately, this is not true for the internals of the browsers. In
general, they're all pretty standardized these days on how a page should
look but they vary wildly in how they manage some features, like
authentication in any way other than HTTP-BASIC.

Specifically, they all support Kerberos to varying degrees. Each browser
requires a completely different mechanism for configuring the use of
Kerberos so that it can be passed to the web server. The one that is
both most complete in its support and most simplistic to configure is
Firefox, which is why it is the only officially supported browser at
this time.

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