Out in the real world however.....

Problem is when you come to a Windows dominated environment and you have 
ex-windows managers, windows admins and windows useradmins and a windows help 
desk who only want to use IE because that's all they understand.  They look for 
any excuse to not let me deploy a piece of Linux orientated kit, so being 
forced to run Firefox might be it.  You may not appreciate the battles I have 
to get anything Linux on site despite having 80%+ of the academics behind me, 
plus the 600 Mac users who feel like second hand citizens because of above 

It may seem crazy that something so minor to some is an issue but the reality 
is that's how small some ppls minds are and they are in charge......

Also some sites dont allow installation of anything but a particular browser....

>From my perspective I already have to run IE for something's because Firefox 
>doesnt work java based hardware being a classic example.....this means I have 
>to run a virtual Windows machine or remove Windows from my desktop and use 


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> Who knows if your admin is running Windows, Mac or Linux desktop?

And that's the beauty of standardizing on Firefox support: it doesn't
matter, since Firefox runs on all those platforms (and more).

Given that engineering time is expensive, I would rather see that time
spent on fixing bugs and adding new features than on trying to support
other browers.

2 cents, etc.


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