Lets distinguish between Supported browsers for the kerberos case and the Supported browser for the Basic auth enabled case:

For Kerberos, it is as I said previously: it will work on the others, but you have to know how to configure. You are not going to get IE Kerberos support without a significant headache, but even that is theoretically possible. Kerberos is going to be an issue from Windows no matter what.

For Basic Auth, things are much easier, but that is the setup is just not that secure. So that would be fine for a proof of concept, we just don't recommend it in the wild.

As far as the Javascript web app goes, we try to stick to features that work in all browsers. For example, you'll notice that we don't do any file uploads, as that is something that, in a AJAX application, is done with browser specific code. I can't promise that we will avoid browser specific solutions in the future, but if we do, it will be that you can do everything with either browser, but the user experience will be smoother on Firefox.

If something is broken on a browser other than Firefox, please file a ticket, and be prepared to test it for us. https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/report/12 . Make sure the component is Web UI.

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