Stack Kororā wrote:
Quick update.

Just to be thorough and complete as possible, I just tried to pass a ton
of information into ipa-client-install as I could. I also verified that
I could access the webserver and ntp server from the dev client box.

# ipa-client-install --realm=BLARG.LOCAL --server=ipa.blarg.local
--domain=blarg.local --mkhomedir --hostname=dev.blarg.local
--enable-dns-updates --ntp-server=ipa.blarg.local --principal=admin

Discovery was successful!
Hostname: dev.blarg.local
DNS Domain: blarg.local
IPA Server: ipa.blarg.local
BaseDN: dc=blarg,dc=local

Continue to configure the system with these values? [no]: yes
Password for admin@BLARG.LOCAL:

kinit: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in realm "BLARG.LOCAL"
while getting initial credentials.

Hrmm.....Stuck again. Any ideas?



You don't say what version of freeipa you are using but we fixed a similar sounding problem earlier this spring. Try adding --force to the command-line as an outside chance of working.

Building 2.1.3 from source is going to require the same set of dependencies as building from the src.rpm. Note though that upstream development of freeipa is done in Fedora, not RHEL.



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