On Fri, 11 Nov 2011, Simo Sorce wrote:
> > Should installer schedule running ipa-client-install and enroll the 
> > machine? Many options can be re-used from the installer itself 
> > (hostname is known at this point, as well as how network was 
> > configured), so there is handful of things to discover.
> Hostname in many cases will probably be wrong (left to default
> localhost.localdomain) so we should detect if the host name is in the
> same domain as the ipa server and ask if the user wouldn't want to
> change is (suggesting  the 'right' one). We would have to refuse to
> proceed if the hostname is localhost.localdomain or any combination
> where the host part is localhost and the domain part is localdomain.
Indeed -- what I was more about is getting hints from previous stages 
of installer like "DHCP is enabled and hostname is left default => 
need to ask to set precise name and whether to enable Dynamic DNS 
update", etc.

> > Though I would get discovery part of the ipa-client-install reused 
> > here -- like finding out kerberos setup via DNS and if that fails, 
> > show UI to enter all additional details, then schedule 
> > actual enrollment.
> The other problem here is that you may not have admin credentials.
> We will need to support using an enrollment password as well as just
> skip the join but otherwise configure the rest to work, and tell the
> user to call the admin to complete the join later (or maybe just skip it
> altogether).
Yes. OTP, or admin credentials, or "postpone".

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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