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            I dont think there is much realistic hope of getting
            windows to
            authenticate to freeIPA......the others should be able to
            and the
            fedora docs on the freeipa documentation web page list a
            method for macs for one (but I have not tried it yet, but
            I will
            be)....ubuntu has been mentioned before....I have to
            try/do that as

            Siggi sent me some notes a while back,


            Ubuntu client install

        I don't have all of the details handy right now, but I know Timo
        Aaltonen was working on porting SSSD and ipa-client to Ubuntu
        in order
        to support the enhanced client enrollment available with those two

        The SSSD and its dependencies are available in his PPA here:

    Just tried to install sssd from the above repo.

    There's only packages for the old 10.04 lucid and 10.10 maverick,
    nothing for 11.04 natty or 11.11 oneiric. I tried to install on
    natty using packages from maverick, but it depends on packages no
    longer available in the natty package tree. :(

    However for oneric sssd 1.5.13 seem to have made it into the
    universe package tree:



Thanks, but why would I want sssd on my client machine?

Or - why would the current LDAP client that Ubuntu at least claims to have not work?

The reasons I've found so far is:

* Lack of support for the host based access control rules found in IPA
* Need to have the config file with a username/password for the system to bind to the ldap directory readable by everyone... (not secure)
* SSSD uses the kerberos host key to talk to LDAP (secure)
* No daemon keeping track of available ldap servers, e.g. in a failover situation you'll keep asking the server that's down, delaying your client response.
* No offline caching of credentials (very handy if you have laptops).

I'm sure the SSSD developers can give you lots more. :)


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