What you need is some knowledge of LDAP, and to work with your vendors
to figure out how they should be configured to work with IPA.

Funny but I thought a goal of IPA was to make this easier....so you dont need 
such depth of knowledge.....
Like I keep saying its a translation process so you can start to understand 
it.....Im having huge problems with it...
which is a worry because if I have problems the other admins are probably going 
to fail.  I have tried to self-educate myself but Im not getting far at it.

"Vendors" in NZ just import in a box, its a function of our small population, 
few have any depth of knowledge....a few have happily admitted to me that if we 
buy the hardware they will get some training....until then they are as clueless 
as we are.


BTW, for a proxy appliance I believe you want Kerberos authentication to
provide single sign on, and use LDAP merely to do the authorization.


I suspected that but, no where in Bluecoat can I see  anything to do kerberos 
to a kerberos server, so i suspect it wont work as single sign on, so I maybe 
wasting my time.


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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