On 12/05/2011 10:05 PM, Steven Jones wrote:
What you need is some knowledge of LDAP, and to work with your vendors
to figure out how they should be configured to work with IPA.

Funny but I thought a goal of IPA was to make this easier....so you dont need 
such depth of knowledge.....
Like I keep saying its a translation process so you can start to understand 
it.....Im having huge problems with it...
which is a worry because if I have problems the other admins are probably going 
to fail.  I have tried to self-educate myself but Im not getting far at it.

And IPA still does make it easier, for the management of the server side. As far as client side goes, 3rd party vendors has had many years to adopt an Active Directory LDAP profile, containing a certain configuration of objectclasses and attributes to look for. In some years, perhaps 3rd party vendors will be making an IPA LDAP profile or 1:1 instructions for configuring their LDAP clients to more easily work with IPA LDAP.

"Vendors" in NZ just import in a box, its a function of our small population, 
few have any depth of knowledge....a few have happily admitted to me that if we buy the 
hardware they will get some training....until then they are as clueless as we are.

The vendor will most likely have knowledge doc portal and central support outside NZ to help you?

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