> "Vendors" in NZ just import in a box, its a function of our small population, 
> few have any depth of knowledge....a few have happily admitted to me that if 
> we buy the hardware they will get some training....until then they are as 
> clueless as we are.

Wow. Are you talking to technical staff or to sales people there?




Its usually sales ppl, very few tehcies.....typical sales of a few "boxes" per 
year....you dont have many techies on that quantity.....for instance with 
BlueArc/Hitachi they have imported a techy/architect over from OZ for a week to 
set this up....this is one of the first setups in NZ, there may not be another 
for many months.....

This is normal for NZ. Anything we do even until recently with RedHat...(no 
architects or any Red Hat employees on the ground here) is they fly over from 
OZ....So we used to see RH architect 2 times a year if we were lucky....now we 
have some senior level ppl in Auckland....


So I finally have a RH senior to talk to here.......in MS heaven that's cool. 
(everything here is Microsoft).

NZ is so small.....we have 5000 employees that makes us something like in the 
top 20 biggest organisation in NZ.........

But if you think thats bad, I also deal with some pacific islands they get 
their hardware from NZ.....and they are poor.....Im talking to a friend in one 
island and the biggest 3 organisations there use freenas for a SAN/NAS....


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