We have a mixed environment of AIX, and linux servers
All our user accounts are still set locally - no NIS, and we do not have
unique uid/gid toward our  hosts!!!
I am evaluating the possibility of using Redhat Identity management in our
I have to figure out what AIX will be able to support - we would at least
want to be able to limit who could access what on aix
so if you have dealt with AIX, let me knows

but here my main question

My question is how do I deal with our current local users?
When user DAVE get freeipa id 10000000567, do you have to chown every files
he has on a local machine while he might has uid/gid 501 ?

I guess we will have to byte the bullet and have a unique id for every
users - right?
Is there a simple migration plan from local to freeipa?
do we have to migrate an account at the time do an account at the time, so
if account doe not exist locally, it will check remote?

I am missing the big picture

thanks in advance
Sylvain Angers
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