Stephen Ingram wrote:
I've seen mention about the compat plug-in causing issues with
replication. In my 2.1.4 installation I notice that the plug-in is
turned on by default. Is compat only required for those supporting NIS
or does it serve another purpose. As I don't use NIS, I'm just
wondering if it's safe to turn off.

The compat plugin wasn't causing problems with replication but we did see increasing memory and CPU usage during migration. We now recommend that compat be disabled when migrating entries (who needs the overhead anyway).

Yes, safe to turn it off depending on what your needs are. There are two capabilities provided by the slapi-nis plugin:

1. Compatibility for older clients such as Solaris which doesn't fully grok 2307bis and netgroup triples (ipa-compat-manage enable/disable)

2. An NIS listener (ipa-nis-manage enable/disable) which requires compat to be enabled.

But like I said, shouldn't impact replication at all. It just reformats data.

I'm also wondering about replication support in Redhat versions vs
Fedora. Earlier I saw mention that the replication feature in the
Redhat version was going to be made available through a separate
channel. Then later conversation led me to believe that this had been
changed. Is this still the case?

Replication is included with 389-ds-base on both platforms.


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