> but Im getting hammered by my management for instant answers.......they
asked last night and expect an answer this morning.....and I'm expected to
catch up and deploy several important solutions/projects all hinging on IPA
> 2.2 isnt in RHEL6.3 though?

Are you using fedora, centos or rhel?

The last bit implies rhel but then you seem to desire an SLA and a response
on the upstream users' mailing list....

Although there are a large number of people here using IPA along with
redhat developers might I suggest for a critical thing where you need an
answer within 24 hours you are better off following the standard support
channels of your RHEL contract?

If you don't have a support contract now could be a good time to explain to
management that if they require quick answers then they need to pay for
them... if they do things on the cheap then they require patience...
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