In the gui you can do a hbac test of the rule.

Also what are the UIDS?  IPA provided 32bit ones?  or your own?

I'd suggest re-setting that user's password and get them to login and reset the 
password, that works for me, it was a sign of bad/failed replication in my 
system I think (now fixed).


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Hi Stephen and Dmitri:

Thank you for the sshd GSSAPI configuration suggestion. I tried it this morning 
but it didn’t work. That particular user is still not able to login. What is 
even more interesting is that I created a user with the identical setup and the 
new user worked (i.e., they were able to ssh in remotely).

I am really confused by this because it does not appear to be a global setup 
issue like ssh. It may be some sort of HBAC rule violation or something else 
equally strange. I just can’t figure it out.

Can you suggest any other ways to troubleshoot this?



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