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I've been having performance issues after I upgraded to RHEL 6.3 / IPA 2.2. I
still have a LDAP server having unusual high cpu usage even after it's been
removed from the SRV records and is serving almost no clients anymore, but it
would seem as my main issues is with the kerberos server.

All kerberos services are performing very slowly, and the IPA servers has much
higher CPU load now then what they had with IPA 2.1. Some services are timing
out, like kerberized web servers, other kerberized services perform
authentication very slowly. I had to switch our automounter away from kerberos
authentication as it is no longer usable.

Using SSH to log on to SSSD enabled hosts are also very slow, a login takes
anything from 5 seconds up to 20 seconds. Noticably longer than pre IPA 2.2.

The IPA web admin interface is definitely not faster than in IPA 2.1.

For a comparison, listing out all the folders in an automount map, causing
them to be looked up from LDAP and mounted takes over 5 minutes with IPA 2.2
when using kerberos authentication for the automounter. There are approx 130
folders in that automount map.

After unmounting all the mounted folders, and changing to using a username and
password authentication with a TLS connection, attempting the same operating
again, and it now finishes in about 14 seconds for both the lookup from LDAP
and the mount operation.

After unmounting all the mounted folders again, changing to username and
password authentication with a simple unencrypted bind, and then attempting
the same operation and it now finishes both lookup and mount in just over 5

I don't have any timing for kerberized automount pre IPA-2.2, but we we're not
talking about several minutes to mount all the folders in this automount map.
Unfortunately mounting all the folders is what happens when the users use
konqueror to browse the automount maps, so this is a very noticable issue.

Even loading a new gnome-terminal or konsole terminal which causes an
automount folder to be mounted takes anything between 5 - 15 seconds after the
upgrade. There we're no notiable delay when opening a new terminal window pre

I am not using SSSD for the automounter.

I do notice that the dbmodule for the kerberos server has changed from "kldap"
to "ipadb.so" Perhaps there is some issues with the new library?



I'm not a Kerberos guy, so I can give only general advice:
"Overloaded-CPU-problems" can be troubleshooted with OProfile.

Oprofile is lightweight statistic profiler (AFAIK it was designed for production environment).

Step-by-step documentation for RHEL 6 is available from:

As you can see in section 22.5.1., it allows to break whole CPU usage between processes, libraries and even individual symbols (if proper debuginfos are installed).

I recommend to run OProfile on problematic system - results from opreport can provide missing clue to us.

OProfile gives best results on bare-metal machines. On virtual machines you has to use timer mode in place of hardware performance counters, please see the documentation.

Short getting started guide:

Nice article with theory && examples:

Homepage with a lot of useful information:

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