Hi All,

NOTE: I posted this on the 389 forum, they rightly suggested this is
most likely and IPA issue.

Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.3 x64

- ipa-server-2.2.0-16.el6.x86_64
- 389-ds-base-
- 389-ds-base-libs-

We had a simple (but quite drammatic) issue the other day. Our
backup script simply does a cold backup of the 389 Directory Server,
however this time it didn't start back up.

Script simply runs: /etc/init.d/ipa stop

Error from Log:
[31/Jul/2012:02:00:38 +1000] - slapd stopped.
[31/Jul/2012:02:00:43 +1000] createprlistensockets - PR_Bind() on
Interfaces port 636 failed: Netscape Portable Runtime error -5982
Network address is in use.)

Is there anyway to work out why this happened?
Is this an IPA issue that is known about?

When I did a manual restart in the morning it was fine. The backups
even worked perfectly last night too. Sounds like a bug in the ipa
shutdown script?

Does your backup script do any logging? I see a 5 second window between shutdown and start up. Is it possible your database backed up that quickly?

It would seem that ns-slapd reported itself as stopped but it still had a process hanging around with the port open.


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