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    On 09/05/2012 08:12 PM, Natxo Asenjo wrote:

    the subject says it all, I guess.

    I know from another thread that with nexanta it is possible using
    nsswitch.conf, but I was wondering if somene (Siggi :-) ? )  has (had)
    this setup working.


    Yes I use NetApp filers connected to both AD and IPA at the same time.
    It's easy to get going. These notes are taken from the top of my head, I
    don't have my documentation in front of me just now.

Awesome :-)

This stuff really should be documented in the wiki somewhere. This is the
stuff businesses need. I know I need it :-). I had already seen your post with

we can create a wiki account at freeipa.org for you, if you are implementing it right now. Best articles come from real users! :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

the info about ipa and netapp in 2011 I think, but nowhere could I get the
confirmation that both directories could be used at the same time. Perhaps we
need to bug netapp more to be more explicit on this.

Thanks, you made my day.

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