On 09/25/2012 04:18 PM, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:
> On 09/25/2012 12:17 AM, James James wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> we are planning to install 150 freeipa clients and I was wondering if
>> there is a way to easily install (from kickstart) nfsv4 client.
>> I can add host with
>> # ipa host-add --password=secret
>> But to get the keytab (host and service), I have to log into the
>> machine, launch kinit and get the keytab.
>> This will be very painful for 150 clients ....
>> Any hints is welcome ...
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> Hi,
> I am working on integrating what you are asking for into OneClickKick.
> OneClickKick which is a web based GUI for managing DHCP server and PXE
> booting. The current version can read the host objects from IPA's
> LDAP, and you can use these to generate PXE boot files for
> kickstarting RHEL/Fedora, preseeding Debian/Ubuntu installations, do
> BIOS upgrades, run LIVE environments, etc.
> What I have done in the past is to add a line like this to the post
> section of the kickstart:
> /usr/sbin/ipa-client-install --domain="ix.test.com"
> --principal="ipajoinuser" --password="somepassword" -U -f
> This is not ideal even though the kickstart is saved in a database and
> only made available dynamically trough a php script to the host that's
> enabled for kickstarting. It is not saved in a text file on the disk.
> The next version will include tighter integration with IPA where a One
> Time Password is set for the host being kickstarted at the time it's
> enabled for kickstarting, and this password is seeded dynamically when
> the host is served it's kickstart file.
> The next version will also have the PXE Enrollment boot image updated
> to supporting adding new hosts directly into IPA. The PXE Enrollment
> is support for adding a new host simply to PXE booting it, logging on,
> and giving it a hostname and assigning it with a kickstart profile to
> load the machine directly from the console of the new machine.
> Adding of machines directly to IPA from the web UI will also be
> available in the next version. This allows you to do everything from
> adding the host, to selecting the kickstart profile group, and
> enabling for PXE installation/kickstart in 1 step.
> It can also search trough the /var/log/messages file to find new hosts
> that's unknown to it's naming sources and directly add these.
> You can also select a group of machine to install, so if you have your
> 150 machines in one group you can select the entire group for
> installation.
> See the project website or contact me for more information:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/oneclickkick/

Have you looked at Foreman?

> Regards,
> Siggi
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Thank you,
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