On 10/11/2012 03:07 PM, Steven Jones wrote:

yes I have xplorer, maybe I'll do it that way as I cant figure out the 
ldapdelete command...
man ldapdelete

ldapdelete -x -D "cn=directory manager" -W "idnsName=vuwunicosldedt2,idnsname=ods.vuw.ac.nz,cn=dns,dc=ods,dc=vuw,dc=ac ,dc=nz"

or, to use your kerberos credentials

ldapdelete -Y GSSAPI "idnsName=vuwunicosldedt2,idnsname=ods.vuw.ac.nz,cn=dns,dc=ods,dc=vuw,dc=ac ,dc=nz"


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On Oct 11, 2012, at 3:50 PM, Steven Jones<steven.jo...@vuw.ac.nz>  wrote:


Looks like I have this at present as well.

The advice off RH support is to run an ldapdelete but Im waiting on the 
complete syntax off them and why its happened.

Meantime I have 2 machines in this state, no one can login.


So what they have said is,

Hello Steven, I am still going through all the data available in this case, but 
it looks like you should be able to fix this problem by deleting the following 
two entries using ldapdelete: dn: 
=ods,dc=vuw,dc=ac,dc=nz dn: 

ldapdelete would have worked, but I ended up using jxplorer to do it.  Much 
easier for me at the time :)

(i'm on a VPN link into the DC, and had access to the ldap port directly, so I 
could do that.     Their advise does look correct, though, and matches where I 
found the problem.)


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