On 02/05/2013 09:52 AM, Thomas Sailer wrote:

I've just upgraded from F16 to F18 and thus freeipa v3.1.2.

It basically works, on the command line. ipa user-show xxx works.

The Web UI however no longer works. I get the login window with "Your
session has expired. Please re-login.", no matter whether I use kerberos
or password login.

The httpd logs don't seem to be very informative.
/var/cache/ipa/sessions/ is empty.

Could someone point me to where I could find more information to debug
this problem?

In /etc/ipa/default.conf on the server add this line:


Then restart the server (actually you only need to restart httpd, e.g. systemctl restart httpd.service)

Then you should see a lot of debug messages in /var/log/httpd/error_log

/var/cache/ipa/sessions is historical cruft, you won't find anything there.

Once you get the debug trace one of us can help diagnose it.

John Dennis <jden...@redhat.com>

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