Thomas Sailer wrote:
On 02/05/2013 08:02 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Can you see if you have 60basev3.ldif in
/etc/dirsrv/slapd-YOUR-REALM/schema ?

That was indeed not there (only 60basev2.ldif).

I've copied it, restarted dirsrv.

ipa user-show admin works (it did work before though).

You'll want to look at /var/log/ipaupgrade.log as well (it may be huge).

I reran ipa-upgradeconfig, there are a few errors; see the attachment.

Seems to be mostly ldap errors; I don't know why named and pki-cad
didn't restart, when I do that manually, they start fine.


What version did you upgrade from in F-16?

Can you send me the full ipupgrade.log privately?


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