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>     Well it is something like this that I had in mind. But you have
>     beaten me...
>     Great to see you found an acceptable solution.
> Acceptable is a strong word.  Maybe "passable" or Microsoft-style "it
> works, ship it."  :)
> Out of curiosity, what were your thoughts on a solution for us?  Did
> it differ significantly
> from what I'm doing?  (I'm always on the lookout for a better way.)

What you need is who can access a specific AIX machine, right?
You have several sets of AIX machines, say 5, each of which has an HBAC
rule that relates a group of users X to a group of AIX machine with the
same set of users.
If you have non overlapping host groups you can fetch users with one
LDAP search from the puppet master.

I am not good with ldap syntax but SQL natural for me so conceptually
the search would look like this:

SELECT group.member FROM group JOIN hbac on group-DN JOIN host group on
hostgroup-DN WHERE hostgroup.member contains host X.

I hope it conveys what I have in mind. The result of such search would
be a list of group members that have access to the host.
This is pretty close to what you have done except it covers nested
groups too and uses HBAC rules.

> Also, what's PWT mail? 

Private. I made a typo. It should have been V :-)

> I assume some sort of encrypted or private mail, but I'm not
> familiar with the acronym.
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> The government is going to read our mail anyway, might as well make it
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