Mindaugas Deveikis wrote:

     We try to do a very simple situation. Our ldap server is on
different machine than IPA server. So we try to use tcp/ip connection.
All that we do is just edit default.conf file on IPA server and change
ldap_uri line value from socket to IP address. But after that change, an
error received when trying to restart ipa server. The error is: Failed
to data from service file: Unknown error when retrieving list of
services from LDAP: Unknown authentication meth... available (it comes
from systemctl status ipa.service). We use fedora 19. Firewalld works
fine. Could anybody show me a way how to solve this problem. Thank's

So you want to run the IPA LDAP server on another machine? This is not a supported configuration. It is assumed that all IPA services run on the same machine.

There may be some places hardcoded to use ldapi. Even if you solved that you'd likely have future problems with upgrades, keeping versions in sync and almost certainly with replication.


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