You may want to check out the sss_cache package in the sssd-tools package. It 
looks to be in the base channel for RHEL5 Server and optional channel for RHEL6 
Server. This tool will allow you to invalidate/manipulate the sssd cache. 


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> Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 10:40:29 AM
> Subject: [Freeipa-users] Incorrect user information

> Hi,

> We have a freeipa server (RedHat 6.3, freeipa:3.0.0-26) and freeipa client
> (RedHat 5.9, freeipa client 2.1.3.-5) working in our test testing scenario
> without further problems. We are able to use SUDO, HBAC etc.
> Our problem is when we change a user info (Name or Last Name) and check it
> using the command: getent passwd id_user it showed us the older user
> information.
> We set entry_cache_user_timeout = 0 in sssd.conf file in order to clear the
> cache data but it did not work. Also we tried with:
> use_fully_qualified_domains attribute as recommend in:
> but it was not helpful.

> If we check the user info using ldapsearch command we can see the right user
> info information. Changing the uid or gid we see the new change right away.
> Any clue about this problem?

> Thanks!


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