i am using bind-dyndb-ldap outside of freeipa, and want to create
_tcp.my-domain.com and _udp.my-domain.com subdomains.  i have tried, but
seem to come up short and nslookup fails for the records i try to create
in the subdomains.  some googling and searching in the wiki have not
provided me with much go on.  below is an attempt at _tcp.my-domain.com

dn: idnsName=_tcp.my-domain.com.,cn=dns,dc=my-domain,dc=com
dnsttl: 3600
idnsallowdynupdate: FALSE
idnsallowsyncptr: FALSE
idnsname: _tcp.my-domain.com.
idnssoaexpire: 604800
idnssoaminimum: 86400
idnssoamname: server.my-domain.com.
idnssoarefresh: 10800
idnssoaretry: 900
idnssoarname: root.server.my-domain.com.
idnssoaserial: 1
idnsupdatepolicy: grant MY-DOMAIN.COM krb5-self * A;
idnszoneactive: TRUE
nsrecord: server.my-domain.com.
objectclass: top
objectclass: idnsZone
objectclass: idnsRecord

what is the correct way to create a subdomain?

thank you,


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