On Mon, 2014-03-03 at 09:33 +0100, Petr Spacek wrote:
> On 1.3.2014 23:20, Brendan Kearney wrote:
> > i am using bind-dyndb-ldap outside of freeipa, and want to create
> > _tcp.my-domain.com and _udp.my-domain.com subdomains.  i have tried, but
> > seem to come up short and nslookup fails for the records i try to create
> > in the subdomains.  some googling and searching in the wiki have not
> > provided me with much go on.  below is an attempt at _tcp.my-domain.com
> >
> > dn: idnsName=_tcp.my-domain.com.,cn=dns,dc=my-domain,dc=com
> > dnsttl: 3600
> > idnsallowdynupdate: FALSE
> > idnsallowsyncptr: FALSE
> > idnsname: _tcp.my-domain.com.
> > idnssoaexpire: 604800
> > idnssoaminimum: 86400
> > idnssoamname: server.my-domain.com.
> > idnssoarefresh: 10800
> > idnssoaretry: 900
> > idnssoarname: root.server.my-domain.com.
> > idnssoaserial: 1
> > idnsupdatepolicy: grant MY-DOMAIN.COM krb5-self * A;
> > idnszoneactive: TRUE
> > nsrecord: server.my-domain.com.
> > objectclass: top
> > objectclass: idnsZone
> > objectclass: idnsRecord
> >
> > what is the correct way to create a subdomain?
> First of all, do you really want to create *subdomains* for _tcp and _udp or 
> do you just need to create couple records like _ldap._tcp in a existing 
> domain? It is very unusual to create separate subdomains for _tcp and _udp.
> I'm attaching small snippet which shows how to add _ldap._tcp SRV record to 
> existing domain ipa.example.
> Please be so kind and send us information mentioned on
> https://fedorahosted.org/bind-dyndb-ldap/wiki/BugReporting#a3.Whatweneedtoknow
> We would like to know how users use bind-dyndb-ldap, which LDAP server is 
> used 
> outside FreeIPA and so on.
> Have a nice day!
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What distribution you use? Fedora
Which distribution version you use? Fedora 20, with latest updates
Which architecture you use? x86_64 on a qemu VM

What plugin version you use? bind-dyndb-ldap-3.5-1.fc20.x86_64
Do you use bind-dyndb-ldap as part of ​FreeIPA installation? no, using
Which version of ​BIND you use? bind-9.9.4-11.P2.fc20.x86_64

Please provide dynamic-db section from configuration
file /etc/named.conf
dynamic-db "my-domain.com" {
        library "ldap.so";
        arg "uri ldap://";;
        arg "base cn=dns,dc=my-domain,dc=com";
        arg "auth_method simple";
        arg "bind_dn cn=Manager,dc=my-domain,dc=com";
        arg "password *****";
        arg "psearch no";
        // arg "serial_autoincrement yes";
        arg "sync_ptr yes";
        arg "dyn_update yes";
        arg "connections 2";
        arg "cache_ttl 300";
        arg "verbose_checks yes";

Do you have some other text based or ​DLZ zones configured? no
Do you have some global forwarders configured in BIND configuration
file? no

Do you have some settings in global configuration object in LDAP?
dn: cn=dns,dc=my-domain,dc=com
cn: dns
idnspersistentsearch: FALSE
idnszonerefresh: 30
objectclass: top
objectclass: nsContainer
objectclass: idnsConfigObject

without a doubt i want to use subdomains (or subzones, if that the
correct term) for _tcp and _udp.  kerberos, kerberos-adm,
kerberos-master, kpasswd, ldap, nfs4, wpad and ntp are the SRV records i
want to manage, and having them in the regular forward zone  is not as
clean, neat and organized as i want to be.  also, i may want to have
forward subdomains (sub.my-domain.com, for example, with
testhost.sub.my-domain.com as an A record).

the example included in the package did have a similar example on how to
put a SRV into the zone, but again, i want to manage those records with
a subdomain (or subzone, if that is the correct term).

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