I want to install ipa server with a replica. The replica has 2 NICs : the ipa
server is connected on the first interface and all the clients are connected on
the second interface. The two networks are completely separated, 2 subnets and
not routed.

I'am wondering if this kind of configuration is supported with IPA.

Ipa server has been installed with success on the first interface:

First, I prepared the replica on its first interface name (that which is on the
same network as the ipa server), install it with success. In this case the
ipa-client-install fails;
See below ==== errors ipacli1 ====

Second, I prepared the replica on its second interface name (that which is on
the same network as the ipa client). This case is worst I'm even not able to
install the replica. The installation fails with the following errors , see
below ==== errors iparpl2 ====

Thanks a lot for your help.

===================================== errors ipacli1
- messages in screen or std output:
Skip iparpl1.blue.mydomain: cannot verify if this is an IPA server
Failed to verify that iparpl1.blue.mydomain is an IPA Server.

- messages in log /var/log/ipaclient-install.log:
2014-03-07T12:20:24Z DEBUG [LDAP server check]
2014-03-07T12:20:24Z DEBUG Verifying that iparpl1.blue.mydomain (realm None) is
an IPA server
2014-03-07T12:20:24Z DEBUG Init LDAP connection to: iparpl1.blue.mydomain
2014-03-07T12:20:29Z DEBUG wait_for_open_ports: iparpl1.blue.mydomain [389]
timeout 10
2014-03-07T12:20:34Z DEBUG Error checking LDAP: [Errno -2] Name or service not
2014-03-07T12:20:34Z WARNING Skip iparpl1.blue.mydomain: cannot verify if this
is an IPA server

- check in iparpl1
[root@iparpl1 ~]# ipactl status
Directory Service: RUNNING
krb5kdc Service: RUNNING
kadmin Service: RUNNING
ipa_memcached Service: RUNNING
httpd Service: RUNNING
pki-tomcatd Service: RUNNING
ipa-otpd Service: RUNNING
ipa: INFO: The ipactl command was successful

[root@iparpl1 ~]# ldapsearch -x -H ldap://iparpl1.blue.mydomain:389 -W -ZZ
ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)
        additional info: TLS error -8157:Certificate extension not found.
[root@iparpl1 ~]# ldapsearch -x -H ldap://iparpl1.mydomain:389 -W –ZZ

===================================== errors iparpl2
- messages in screen or std output
KO normal because the master doesn't connect to replica in second interface
Connection from replica to master is OK.
Start listening on required ports for remote master check
Get credentials to log in to remote master
Check SSH connection to remote master
Execute check on remote master
Check connection from master to remote replica 'iparpl2.green.mydomain':
   Directory Service: Unsecure port (389): FAILED
   Directory Service: Secure port (636): FAILED
   Kerberos KDC: TCP (88): FAILED
   Kerberos KDC: UDP (88): WARNING
   Kerberos Kpasswd: TCP (464): FAILED
   Kerberos Kpasswd: UDP (464): WARNING
   HTTP Server: Unsecure port (80): FAILED
   HTTP Server: Secure port (443): FAILED
The following UDP ports could not be verified as open: 88, 464
This can happen if they are already bound to an application
and ipa-replica-conncheck cannot attach own UDP responder.

Remote master check failed with following error message(s):
Warning: Permanently added 'ipasrv.mydomain,' (ECDSA) to the list of
known hosts.
Port check failed! Inaccessible port(s): 389 (TCP), 636 (TCP), 88 (TCP), 464
(TCP), 80 (TCP), 443 (TCP)
Connection check failed!
Please fix your network settings according to error messages above.
If the check results are not valid it can be skipped with --skip-conncheck

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