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>  >  I want to install ipa server with a replica. The replica has 2 NICs
: the
>  ipa
>  >  server is connected on the first interface and all the clients are
>  connected on
>  >  the second interface. The two networks are completely separated, 2
>  and
>  >  not routed.
>  I'm curious - what is the reasoning behind this?:-)
The goal is to separate the administration flux and the userland flux.

The problem is that it is not that clean.
One server can connect to another on different ports and using different
protocols for different purposes. And client can actually be a proxy that does
some admin tasks via LDAP or executes remote administrative commands.

I think may be it is better to explore FW rules.
For example create a FW rule that would allow only Kerberos and LDAP
connections from a set of hosts that would be clients. Hm but that again would
prevent you from enrolling new systems since the ipa-client-install connects
to IPA via admin interface during the enrollment stage.

May be there is some magic that can be done using DNS zones but I am not sure...

Let me summarize this thread to:
Sorry, this is not supported.

It becomes extremely complex very quickly and we don't have manpower to maintain support for this kind of scenarios.

Ideas and patches are welcome! :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

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