The command had not been added into the sudocmd database. 

   member sudo command: /usr/bin/yum --disableexcludes=all localinstall 
example*: no such entry

I think this error should point to someone checking to make sure the sudo 
command had been created, something along the lines of "no sudocmd entry 
defined yet" vs "no such entry" would improve workflow for people stuck 
using the CMD.

Thank You,
Rashard Kelly

From:   Rashard Kelly/Atlanta/SITA/WW
Date:   03/12/2014 11:47 AM
Subject:        Sudo Rule Command Line Option Arguments

What is the correct way to add a flag inside a sudo command that will be 
added to a command group? When adding commands with no flags I have no 
issue such as "/usr/bin/yum info example*" but when I try to add options 
to the command like this "/usr/bin/yum --disableexcludes=all localinstall 
example*", It does not work even when escaping items like --. How does IPA 
handle a request like that?

[rkelly@hostname /]$ ipa sudocmdgroup-add-member --sudocmds "/usr/bin/yum 
--disableexcludes=all localinstall example*" yumsita
  Sudo Command Group: yumexample
  Description: Yum install Priviledges for specific packages
  Member Sudo commands: /usr/bin/yum info example*, /usr/bin/yum update 
                        /usr/bin/yum remove example*, /usr/bin/yum install
                        example*, /usr/bin/yum localinstall example*, 
                        localupdate example*
  Failed members:
    member sudo command: /usr/bin/yum --disableexcludes=all localinstall 
example*: no such entry
Number of members added 0

Thank You,
Rashard Kelly

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