On 03/17/2014 03:52 PM, Todd Maugh wrote:

Thanks Rich,

I am able to create a successful winsync agreement from the top level.

Unfortunately, when I do this. I do not see any of the accounts from the sub trees populate my ipa server.

Ok, so it doesn't work.

Is it possible to have all the subtrees (ous) live under cn=users.If I make this change to AD would IPA then sync all the accounts from the subtrees?


I cant believe I am the first person with this issue or need.

You are certainly not - we have a couple of 389 to address this and similar issues with winsync.


Unfortunately, this fix has been targeted for F20 (389-ds-base-1.3.2), and we don't have plans to backport to EL6.

Note that winsync is always going to be more or less painful - it is not, was never designed to be, and never will be a full blown meta-directory solution. For more information:


That's why we recommend that the best long term solution is cross domain trust - that removes winsync from the picture.

Thanks again in advance.

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On 03/17/2014 03:33 PM, Todd Maugh wrote:

    I'm trying to sync all of my AD to IPA, I don't need to retain any
    of the original windows directory structure once in IPA.

    I cannot find where to set ipaWinSyncUserFlatten to true (so I'm
    assuming it's on true by default)

Yes, it is true by default.
dn: cn=ipa-winsync,cn=plugins,cn=config

    I really need to be able to sync more than just the cn=users subtree

There really isn't explicit support for this. If it doesn't work to set your AD subtree to your root suffix (e.g. dc=domain,dc=com), then it's simply not going to work until 389 adds support for that.

    And I can find no documentation or help on line.

Because there probably isn't any.

    Has anyone had any success or practice with this?

See above.



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