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I have IPA running on a CentOS 6 server. This server also acts as NFS- and Samba server. My Linux clients (openSUSE 13.1) work fine (NFS, automount, user auth for ssh and display manager).

Since I also have some Windows users, I want them to be able to mount their homes via Samba using their IPA password. Just that, no AD or other fancy stuff.

Support of Windows users is still where it was. Code might have changed so the solution might not apply any more cleanly. Our general vision is that windows users belong to Windows and have to be either in AD or in Samba4. As soon as Samba 4 supports cross forest trusts we will make it supported. Then we will be able to support cases like you describe.

Also right now Samba FS as a member of IPA domain does not work well. It should work better with SSSD 1.12.1 and IPA 4.1 when we make sure that all parts are in place but that would still have some problems when one has to come from windows client as there is no SSSD equivalent for windows clients.

Bottom line: no, there is no better info, sorry.

Bummer. Just to make sure: I don't want my Windows users to be able to log on to their systems using IPA auth, they all have local accounts. I just want them to be able to manually mount their home shares.

Since I'm still more or less testing stuff, I wonder where to go from here. Before biting the bullet having separate Samba accounts: Would it help to switch to Samba 4? This post

suggests that it's possible. Somebody out there did it successfully?


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