So, I'm trying to get a FreeBSD (because ZFS is more stable there than in
Linux) file server configured to have access user accounts in FreeIPA for
proper ownership/permissions. It seems like it should be pretty
straightforward. I don't even need to update pam.d configs, just
nsswitch.conf. I've gone through a couple of guides, and i still get
nothing when I do an id or getent for users in FreeIPA, it sees nothing. I
can do an ldapsearch against the FreeIPA ldap, I can get a Kerberos ticket
from my IPA server, and I can even run id/getent on Linux hosts. What could
I be missing that could be throwing a wrench in this?

*Daniel Shown,*
Linux Systems Administrator
Advanced Technology Group
Information Technology Services <>
at Saint Louis University <>.


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