On (24/07/14 15:45), Daniel Shown wrote:
>Yeah, that was the first one I tried. A bit more than I need, and it didn't
>work for me. Setting the make.conf flag did not do for me what this guide
By default, sssd is build with plain openldap libraries without
sasl support net/openldap24-client

You needn't configure sssd with id_privider=ipa. You can use FreeIPA as LDAP
server without kerberos.

>suggests it should (even some of the ports are no longer available under
>those names). Thanks, though.  :DS
It can be a typo. The only difference is that openldap client with
sasl support has different name:
   * in howto: net/openldap24-client-sasl
   * in ports: net/openldap24-sasl-client


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