Ok. There was a pretty long discussion in Feb 2013, people talking about the
schema and required development work:


Good reading. Though AFAIK, it did not end up in a finished FreeIPA plugin that
would resolve your request. Maybe other Solaris users on this list have other
some advise how to integrate Solaris RBAC.


On 07/28/2014 03:48 PM, mohammad sereshki wrote:
> thanks, but Iwant to know how can Iimplement solaris RBAC in IPA.
> Also how can Icreate new plugin to do it through webUI not through LDAP 
> command line.
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> Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] add solaris attribiutes to IPA
> On 07/27/2014 10:36 PM, mohammad sereshki wrote:
>> hi
>> Would you please let me know who can i add 
>> /etc/user_attr,prof_attr,projet,auth_attr to IPA ?
>> Iwant to configure RBAC solaris on IPA .
>> Thanks
> Would upstream documentation on how to extend FreeIPA server&CLI&WebUI help?
> http://www.freeipa.org/images/5/5b/FreeIPA33-extending-freeipa.pdf
> Martin

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