On (17/09/14 13:57), Tevfik Ceydeliler wrote:
>Hi Lukas,
>After you warned me, I reinstall IPA server and client, and replica.
>After that I did your directives shown below.
>Everything looked ok.
>I got output like you tell.
>But after couple of hours later  I try to conenct client host by using ssh
>and test again.
>ANd suprise! client again cant use sudo.
>What happened??
I don't know.

Please put "debug_level = 7" into sssd.conf  (sections: sudo and domain)
* restart sssd
* login as sssd used which should be allowed to run sudo sommand(s)
* execute command "truncate -s 0 /var/log/sssd/*"
* call sudo -l
* and provide log files from /var/log/sssd/* and also output from "sudo -l"
I can take a loog to the log files and identify the problem.


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