That format is not simple for me, as I'm not a programmer. But after I check, double-check and triple-check my FreeBSD - FreeIPA integration via SSSD and assure that it works without unexpected behaviors, I'll probably write a HOW-TO on this process and post it at FreeBSD forums. I'll then share the link to my post here, so that:
1) FreeIPA community could also check the post for any errors;
2) someone more prepared could translate the whole process into the format appropriate for the ipa-advise tool.

17-Oct-14 15:37, Alexander Bokovoy пишет:
FreeIPA is an open source project where anyone can contribute in their
areas of interest. You are welcome to contribute recipes for FreeBSD.

The code is around

As you can see, most recipes are structured in easy way and adding new
is as simple as adding new class definition there.

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