Great news!
If I understand correctly, a package can be equivalent to several ports?
If this is correct, then could a "composite" package be built to include all necessary ports?

 * _security/sssd_ <>
 * _security/sudo_ <>(with SSSD
 * _net/openldap24-client-sasl_
 * security/cyrus-sasl2
 * security/cyrus-sasl2-gssapi

That package could be called something like "ipa-client", and make FreeBSD - FreeIPA integration one step closer. If not possible, even a pkg equivalent to "/security/sssd" would eliminate existing possibilities for misconfiguration.

22-Oct-14 07:06, Fraser Tweedale пишет:
I have prepared a custom pkg(8) repo with the packages built with
the required options/make.conf variables.  Hang tight, I'll send all
the info soon.

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