We are currently piloting FreeIPA4 (RHEL 7.1 IdM) in our environment.  We plan 
on establishing a trust with AD at some point during the POC.  An overview of 
the current DNS design:

* FreeIPA runs integrated DNS (ie, ipa.domain.com)
* Servers in our environment (even once joined to IPA) continue to use our 
current non-IPA DNS infrastructure for name resolution
* Servers in our environment have hostnames in several other non-IPA domains 
(not ipa.domain.com)
* IPA DNS is configured to zone-transfer ipa.domain.com to our primary 
infrastructure non-IPA DNS servers
* IPA is configured to forward all non ipa.domain.com requests to our primary 
infrastructure non-IPA DNS servers
* ipa.domain.com DNS can be resolved from all non-IPA DNS servers since it is a 
slave on our primary non-IPA DNS servers
* IPA can resolve our Active Directory DNS (ad.domain.lan)
* Active Directory DNS can resolve IPA DNS (ipa.domain.com)

Is this a sensible design for DNS?  In this configuration, IPA does not appear 
to be creating DNS records in ipa.domain.com for the hosts that we add to IPA.  
This is presumably because the hosts themselves are in other domains (not 
ipa.domain.com) which are not controlled by IPA.  Is this going to cause 

We have a requirement to keep all servers in our environment using our primary 
non-IPA DNS servers for resolution.  It seemed logical to use IPA-integrated 
DNS just so IPA could manage the SRV/LDAP records automatically within the IPA 

Any advice/tips/suggestions regarding this design would be greatly appreciated.



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