Good afternoon, we have a freeipa 3.0.42 installation running on redhead 6.6 
with a mix of rhel 5, rhel6 and Solaris clients. It was originally configured 
with the built in dogtag certificate CA and then one of my co-workers added our 
GoDaddy certificate to the certificate bundle. My understanding is this cert is 
used for communication between the ipa servers as well as the clients are also 
configured to trust the GoDaddy certificate. We recently had to get a new 
GoDaddy cert so our old one is revoked. I need to figure out how to either 
replace the existing revoked cert with the new one or add the new one to the 
bundle and then remove the revoked certificate so as not to break anything.
Any help is appreciated. I am not strong with certificates so the more detail 
you can give the better.Thank you.
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